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So excited as we have some great coffees trickling through! Mexican is back next week and so is the wonderful enorga! Oh and new swiss water decaf!!!




Hello everyone!

We are just so excited today as the arrival of some of our long awaited, special coffees, has been announced!   

Mexican is back from next week!  New harvest, ofcourse, so may not be exactly as last season but fingers crossed!

Papua New Guinea ENORGA, yes ENORGA is finally here!!!  Been waiting for this very a long time.  When we started buying this coffee 3 or 4 years ago it was always available to buy.  Now that everyone has cottoned on to the fact that this is special, we have to book well ahead to be sure of supplies.   To say I've bought a ton of the stuff is an understatement!

A WILD Ethiopian coffee next month and I can hardly wait!   Haven't tasted it yet and beside myself with excitement!

TWO new Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees.  An Honduran and a blend called Cascadia.  Have a look here for descriptions

We also have x2 Ethiopian Yirgacheffe dry processed coffees and the fantastic fruity/winy mocha from Harar!

Crikey!  It just goes on and on doesn't it!

I think I might have overdone it this time!!!

Looking forward to enjoying some of these with you all.

Cheers Anne

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