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Artisan Micro Coffee Roastery

Great Taste Awards winners 2016


Wholesale Coffee Orders and Support

We can deliver coffee to your café, restaurant or bar or you can collect direct from the roastery. We provide support and barista training and supply top quality Italian professional espresso machines from La Spaziale.

We will deliver our freshly roasted coffee to your premises and you can choose from our range or work with us on the perfect blend for your establishment.

Advice and Barista Training

A great cup of coffee requires well sourced beans carefully roasted however all that hard work can go to waste without care and knowledge at the brewing stage. We want you to get the most from our coffee and are keen to pass on our knowledge. We will happily answer your questions and can offer Barista Training if you are new to espresso coffee making.

Quality coffee beans carefully hand roasted is only the start. We are happy to offer advice on brewing coffee and can supply machines along side our expertise to help you get the best from our coffee.

Tamping down for an espresso machine.
Tamping down for an espresso machine.

Coffee Machines from La Spaziale

We supply professional espresso machines that cover a complete range from the 'domestic' sized S2 right up to the range topping S40 and including models designed to accomadate takeaway cups. You can see details of the full range on the .

La Spaziale S1

La Spaziale S1

La Spaziale S8

La Spaziale S8

La Spaziale S40

La Spaziale S40
Freshly Roasted
We roast coffee most days of the week to ensure you receive truly fresh coffee.
Hand Roasted
Roasting is an artisan craft. We hand roast every batch and every roast is monitored from start to finish.
Micro Roastery
We're small and we roast in small batches which means that every roasting is done personally by Anne or Chris.
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